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CollEntRes C++ library for high performance websites

Library Installation

System Requirements

It is assumed that your computer has a fresh installed Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit. Keep in mind that 32-bit versions of operating systems are not supported and will not be supported in the future. You may have some newer version of your operating system installed.

Installing Library Files

Go to Downloads page, download DEB-file for Ubuntu and install CollEntRes C++ library. All required dependencies will be downloaded from repositories and installed. Development files will be copied to "/usr/bin", "/usr/lib" and "/usr/include" folders.

That's all you need to do =)

If there are some unsatisfied dependencies (e.g. it may occur if you are using some other version of Ubuntu), which prevent installation of CollEntRes C++ library, then you can try to install it from archive manually.

Go to Downloads page and download archive file for Ubuntu.

In order to unpack the archive and install CollEntRes C++ library's development files (chtml_compiler, libcollentres.so and C++ headers) to system folders, open Terminal and execute the following commands (it is assumed you are using a non-root user account that can execute commands as root using sudo):

$ cd <folder with the archive file>
$ tar -xzf libcollentres-dev_X.X.X_amd64.tar.gz
$ cd libcollentres-dev
$ sudo cp bin/chtml_compiler /usr/bin/chtml_compiler
$ sudo cp lib/libcollentres.so /usr/lib/libcollentres.so
$ sudo cp include/collentres /usr/include/ -R

You also need to install dependencies, which are required by CollEntRes C++ library and which will be used for website development. In order to download and install them from repository, execute the following commands:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install libfcgi0ldbl libpcre3 libgd-dev libcurl3 libgumbo-dev libmysqlclient-dev

If some package is missing in repository (e.g. it may occur if you are using some other version of Ubuntu), then you can download its source from Internet, compile and install its files.


So you have installed CollEntRes C++ library on your computer. In the next part, you will find out how to configure Apache Web Server so it can communicate via FastCGI and proxy client requests for dynamic pages to CollEntRes C++ library.