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CollEntRes C++ library for high performance websites

How to Use


Here you can find the information that will help you to create a simple website that uses CollEntRes C++ library and has all basic features, which are needed in the most of websites. You will learn: how to make URL routing, URL aliases, multi language support, a class that makes requests to a REST API service; how to read parameters or get files from requests; how to send a response; how to use forms, validation rules; how to write CHTML view template files; how to use sessions, read or write cookies.

Please try to create a simple CollEntRes based website on your computer with your favourite operating system during reading How to Use pages. Some steps of website creation are different for different operating system. Each How to Use page has the selector at the top right corner where you can change OS. If you follow all these steps and create a simple website on your computer, you will be able to create large commercial websites with a lot of data.

You can download the project with source files of Simple Website that is being installed during How to Use steps by clicking here. And you can visit Simple Website. Its URL is simple-website.collentres.com

The code of Simple Website should be used as documentation and basic code (a project skeleton) during developing professional websites. Instead of documentation pages, it was decided to create a simple website project that is a very good example. By learning its code, you learn the framework.

Steps of Installing Simple Website Project