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CollEntRes C++ library for high performance websites


You can download CollEntRes C++ library development files here. Among them are:

  • CollEntRes shared (dynamic) library file. It has .so extension (or .dll in Windows version, or .dylib in macOS version). It was compiled using Release build type for all operating systems so you can use it for development and production without any loss of execution time.
  • chtml_compiler executable file that compiles .chtml view template files (it generates .cpp and .h files for each .chtml file, which are compiled together with site project source files).
  • Header files (the ones with .h extension).

Shared library files and executables in downloads for Linux and Windows were compiled for 64-bit architecture. So if you have still 32-bit OS, then you should install 64-bit OS if you would like to use CollEntRes C++ library.

There are two types of downloads on this page: installers and archives. It is preferred to download an installer instead of an archive. But you can also download an archive and extract files from it to specific system folders (each archive includes a file with installation instructions).

Simple Website's project source files can be downloaded from How to Use page.

If you would like to download an older version of CollEntRes C++ library or Simple Website, then go here.